Who We Are

SKRYA was founded in the amidst of the challenging times of Covid-19, where transformation and adapting to the evolving global pandemic was paramount. We have created innovative sustainable solutions for recycling precious and base metals incorporating artificial intelligence, 3D technologies & proprietary software solutions for practical adoption.

Our incredible team thrives on ideation, critical thinking and robust discussion of innovative solutions. We have launched a mobile application, created several software solutions, supply chain management systems and processes to create tremendous growth with limited resources.

All our solutions are sustainability driven and highly efficient by leveraging technology.

Our Services

Our Core Values


Our entire system is built on transparency. We believe all parties might benefit for the relationship to thrive. Our dealings are honest and above board. Always.


Our DNA is engrained by sustainability. Our recycling efforts are many orders of magnitude greater than mining or metal extraction. 


Analysis as it is. Enough said!


Bountiful ideas, robust discussions, fantastic teams. The story of our evolution. Cumulating in our products and features in our mobile applications and systems.